01 December 2009

What is the approximate number of Monopoly City Streets for each price?

I wanted to know how rare is a Monopoly City Street comparing to another according to it's price. So I've made this graphs I hope you find it useful.
In the X axis you have the street price and on the Y axis the number of streets I know of. Please note that it's a just a small set of the whole world.

For streets up to 10 M (click in the image to see a bigger version)

For streets up to 50M (click in the image to see bigger version)


06 November 2009

Why are the street prices in Monopoly City Streets getting higher everyday?

The answer is in the economics of the game. Everyday there is more money being thrown at game through the rent. So more money, same streets we have everyday an aggravation of what is called a "Vertical supply curve (perfectly inelastic supply)". Quoting wikipedia "As a hypothetical example, consider the supply curve of the land. Suppose that no matter how much someone would be willing to pay for an additional piece, more land cannot be created".

It's not really vertical this is a extreme case to better understand the problem.

Please comment if you agree/disagree,
Have fun playing the game,

02 November 2009

Fake offers

Has you have noticed no password is required to post streets for sale. I've choose this way for your security (I will never ask your MCS password) and to keep it simple and friendly to use. I just assume most people most are good and will post offers with their user only and so far this has been working great :)

But then some people started posting user streets for fun. I don't think this is a big problem since you just have to reject them and ask me to remove these fake offers.

What did I do to address this?
Two things:
1) I've made some changes to prune fake offers more quickly and efficiently. You just have to report a fake offer to me at marketpoly@fridaycode.org

2) The premium user system; when you are premium user I assume you are the real MCS user because no one would pay to post fake offer. And then you can prevent other users from posting with your user and also to delete offers (screenshot below).

So premium users can protect their login.

What could you do?

Well, if you really like MarketPoly make a donation of whatever amount you like. But to ask for premium user the minimum is €1.5 EUR. I ask minimum 1.5EUR because deducting paypal fees I get 1.10 EUR and less than that is just throwing money to paypal fees.
Total Amount:    €1.50 EUR
Fee amount:    -€0.40 EUR
Net amount:  €1.10 EUR

I think I'm not asking that much to support this website and my work in it.

See how to apply for premium user here http://marketpoly.fridaycode.org/apply_premium.php 

Plus, when becoming premium user I give you a street of your choice from the one's listed for sale at wherever price you set no matter how high the other bids http://marketpoly.fridaycode.org/offers.php?username=marketpoly

Thank you for your attention,

31 October 2009

New offers table and more info

There's a new offers table http://marketpoly.fridaycode.org/all.php

Also now when you receive a message saying that the street is already in the system it tells you when it's going to be pruned.


30 October 2009


There are new columns for bids and what is the maximum bid to the moment! I find it very useful both for selling as well for buying!

29 October 2009

Even more improvements!

Great new internal improvements in "My streets" and "Insert free offer" now should load as twice as fast! :D

27 October 2009

MarketPoly always getting better!

"My streets" has been improved again! Now shows streets even faster. Also there is the "insert free offer" that loads even faster but does not show original land value (good for people with many streets for sale).

And now MarketPoly shows the highest bid. What else can you ask?! :D